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The other night at Chili’s, I was talking with my friends and the topic of buzz words came up. There are a lot of buzz words flying around on the Internet lately. I got the general feeling from my friends that they feel this words are only hype, and there is nothing really behind them. I have heard of the same thing going around on other websites I read and podcasts I listen to. So I thought I would take this chance to explain of few of the big buzz words.

Web 2.0: This word is being used a lot online. Almost every new website that pops up is claiming to be a Web 2.0 website. Web 2.0 is not actually something you have to upgrade on your own. It’s more of a name for the evolution the web is currently experiencing. Up until now the Internet has really been a sort of one way media, kind of like TV, magazines, books, movies, etc. Someone creates the content and they you look at it. The evolution of this is the way the web is becoming two way media. If you look at things like blogs, social networks, online office apps, and others, the users are creating content for the other users of the service to view.

AJAX: Asynchornous Javascript and XML. Next to Web 2.0 this has to be the biggest buzz word out there. Everyone brags about their new AJAX interface. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are all sporting new interfaces with AJAX. AJAX is actually a mix of technologies, and it’s not really new. AJAX allows web designers to make desktop interfaces inside a browser window. It also speeds up the loading of web pages by allowing the interface to never be reloaded, just the new data that goes in the interface.

Tags: Tags are becoming heavily used heavily by websites such as Flickr, Technorati, and YouTube. Tagging is basically a simple concept where you attach two or three keywords to a piece of media, and it allows for easier searching. Things like videos and pictures cannot be searched like a word document, because a computer is not yet able to recogonize what exactly is in a picture. (Note: Riya is a company working on this.)

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Written by Ryan Farnell

August 2, 2006 at 10:22 am

Posted in Web 2.0

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