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Flock Public Beta 1.0

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So like a week ago I mentioned that I started using Flock. I only really used it for about a day, then switched back to regular Firefox. Well last night the first real beta of Flock was released. In just one week, it has changed quite a bit and is very nice. Mike Arrington also interviewed some of the head guys over at Flock in his podcast this week.  The browser was basically designed on, what is the hard part about today’s services and how can we make them easier?  The main services they focus on are RSS, photo sharing (Flickr and Photobucket), blogging, and favorites sharing.  All of these but RSS require that you have a account at the given service.  It is actually pretty easy to sign for Flickr and delicious (bookmark sharing) at the same time.  They are both owned by Yahoo!, which seems to be Flock’s main sponsor.  Yahoo! is the default search engine used for the upper right search box.  You can easily change it to what ever engine you want in the “Accounts and Services” window.

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Written by Ryan Farnell

June 14, 2006 at 11:33 pm

Posted in Web 2.0

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