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So there are three cool things I found today that involve Web 2.0.

First Google has launched a preview of Google Spreadsheets. This is basically Excel on the web.  You can do most of the basic stuff from Excel, but it offers collaboration and live chat.  This will be pretty cool if something comes up in class where you need to work on a spreadsheet with a group.  Everyone can see what’s happening with it right from their house.

So next the new thing I learned about today is Wikia.  This site was started by the Wikipedia guys.  Wikipedia is basically a free online encylopedia written by users.  They have a staff that tries to check all the information put on the site.  Wikia is for information that doesn’t belong on Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is about facts, while Wikia is for opinions.  They want to have make a guide on everyone created by users. So there would be a guide to TV shows like 24 and Lost, then another guide for traveling to Hawaii.   

Lastly while listening to a podcast about Wikia, a new web browser called Flock was mentioned. Flock is based on Firefox and Mozilla.  The general idea is to make a browser that works with lots of today’s Web 2.0 apps without as much work.  Like right now I’m posting to this blog without navigationing to the website at all.  It also features the ability to access your Photobucket or Flickr accounts right from the browser window, and drag and drop links of them into MySpace or a blog.

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Written by Ryan Farnell

June 6, 2006 at 3:21 pm

Posted in Web 2.0

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